Already a Chaplain? Need to belong to something other than just an organization? Then your look is over. You have found your family of Chaplains.
This week join host Grace Swartz as she talks with Jamie Walden author of  Omega Dynamics. Jamie is a Marine Corps Infantry Sergeant, Police Officer, Firefighter/Paramedic Specialist, Tactical medic, and Disaster Response Specialist turned Missionary, researcher and author.
This week join host Grace Swartz as she talks with Officer Jonathan Hickory. Jonathan is the author of "Break Every Chain" a must read book describing the life of a police officer and the downward spiral he lived until he meet the healer, Jesus Christ.
It's TIME mighty men and women of God to get up, be intensional with the Father,
We are called to be Chaplains - we do not just use it as a title - it is a way of life.
Let me start by saying next to being saved and my family nothing has made me happier than being a Chaplain.  Next would be helping other Chaplains and helping others become Chaplains.  

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