How to Bring Us to Your Area

Why Choose Warrior Family Chaplains


"What makes us different from all the other Chaplaincy programs out there" - can be summed up in the meaning of two words in our name – Warrior and Family. 

A Warrior is someone who stands. A Warrior is always there, watching and looking out for others, especially those in need or crisis. Being a Warrior Family Chaplain allows you to be part of an elite team of Chaplains who serve outside the walls of church, impacting lives, communities and our nation.  

A Family is a group of people who share common beliefs, a willingness to look beyond themselves to the needs of others,. Warrior Family is a support system, a safe and loving environment to walk out the call to serve with others who are like-minded. You become a part of a growing family of Chaplains that are there for each other. 

Our mission is to be an Army of Chaplains who serve outside the walls of the church, IMPACTING the lives of individuals, families, communities and beyond. 

The question is – Are You Ready To Serve? 

  • WFM looks after our Chaplains emotional and spiritual well-being with our Chaplain's Chaplain program
  • WFM assigns you to a Company of Chaplains so you are never alone in your call
  • WFM has a team of Prayer Intercessors that pray over you and your family
  • WFM has 2 National Response Teams; Crisis Response & Rapid Response
  • WFM believes in continuing education, training and mentoring
  • WFM has a payment plan for yearly dues and other trainings and events
  • WFM has $2 million liability insurance policy

How To Bring Us To Your Area


Hosting a Basic Chaplain Training in your area is as easy as a phone call. Contact our head quarters at 910-769-2490.

  • WFM brings EVERYTHING from snacks, water and coffee to amazing Chaplains trainers and manuals.
  • WFM does all the major marketing for your area; you just need to help spread the word. We send you all the material to promote it too.
  • We donate 10% of the class fee to the facility used (church, community building etc)
  • Host gets one paid spot to use for your self or give away (a $250 value)

Don't wait to bring Warrior Family Chaplain Training to your area in 2019.







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