The NEW WFM Transfer Program

Already a Chaplain? Need to belong to something other than just an organization? Then your look is over. You have found your family of Chaplains.

What makes us different than other organizations that are out there is our comitment to our Chaplains. We are a family. We offer the suport you need to do the call on your life to serve outside those walls, to be on the frontlines. From our trainings to our Companies that are across the USA, we are there for each other. 

Our structure is military in style; Company of Chaplains (in our communities), a Battalion Commander (our States), Brigade is our National Directors of programs (2 National Deployment Teams: Rapid Response & Crisis Response, Chaplain Centers, Warrior Works) and Head Quarters located in Wilmington, NC. 

Our support is unmatchable; administrative, resource, Care Chaplain (just for OUR Chaplains), high confidentuality, ethics and integrity, just to name some. We work as a team in all sense of the word, within WFM and with other organizations (locally and nationally). We have a high insurance coverage so you can do what you need to do without worry. The network of WFM and the care we give our Chaplains is why so many have transfered in. 

So, how do you join this ELITE Army of Chaplains? 

  1. Fill out our application. NO FEE.
  2. Get a National Background check if you haven't had one in the last 3 years. Cost $16.50
  3. Mail it all in to Warrior Family Ministries, 610-A S. College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403
  4. Once approved, you will recieve your Rank Certificate, assigned to your Company, Ordination Certificate if requirements are met (based on your ministry/community service), and your ID card. 
  5. Our early Membership dues are $300. We offer three different ways you can pay this so it is affordable to you. Monthly $25, Quarterly $74 or one time $300. There is a small processing fee if paid online $3-4 dollars added on)
  6. We highly encourage transfers to attend one of our Chaplain trainings for FREE. That's a $250 savings. You will need to purchase the manual $12. 

That's it! We look forward to serving you so you can serve others. Need more info? Got more questions? Use our Contact Us form and we will reach out to you. 


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